Thursday, December 7, 2023

Shahid Afridi Hits Out at PCB Chief Zaka Ashraf

Former Pakistan all-rounder Shahid Afridi has expressed his frustration with the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Management Committee for what he sees as mishandling the country’s cricket matters, particularly during the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023.

Afridi believes that the chairman, Zaka Ashraf, should focus on his responsibilities instead of making unnecessary statements. He said, “Zaka Ashraf is the chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board, not a club. I’m surprised why he’s contacting media owners about people criticizing him.”

Afridi urged Ashraf to concentrate on delivering results and doing his job as the team competes in the World Cup. He criticized Ashraf for frequently making statements about various issues, including the performance of captain Babar Azam.

Meanwhile, former England captain Michael Vaughan expressed his disapproval of the lack of respect shown to Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, during the World Cup. Vaughan called for a more considerate approach and emphasized Babar’s exceptional talent and contributions to the game.

Babar has faced criticism due to Pakistan’s four consecutive losses in the tournament, but the team bounced back with a recent victory against Bangladesh. Vaughan stressed that such discussions should be deferred until the end of the World Cup to avoid unnecessary distractions and maintain respect for the captain during the competition.

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