Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Shahid Afridi Reveals Who Gave Him Name Boom Boom

Former national team captain Shahid Afridi, known to the world as Boom Boom Afridi, has told his fans how he got this name.

Recently, Shahid Afridi spoke about his career and personal life during a conversation on a TV program.

During the show, when Shahid Afridi was asked about his famous ‘Boom Boom’ title, he replied that he was given the title of ‘Boom Boom’ by Indian coach Ravi Shastri.

According to the former captain, when he scored a century in 43 balls in a match, Ravi Shastri gave him the title of Boom Boom.

Apart from this, he also said in the show that people tell me that I am working on my foundation for politics. It is for public service.

The former captain said about the current situation in the country during the show that I have traveled to many countries of the world but there is no country like Pakistan.

He also said that I don’t know why we harm the country in the name of politics and religion every day, we should see our own performance before pointing fingers at others, we should see ourselves for what we are doing.

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