Saturday, July 20, 2024

Shopkeeper Waits 45- Years for Absent Bicycle Owner, After His Death Government Honors his ‘Ahd-e-Wafa’ with Statue

The photo shows Haji Hassan, a shopkeeper from Zanjan, Iran. According to the story, someone left their bicycle with Haji Hasan as a deposit, but they never came back to claim it, and the reasons are unknown.

Despite this, Haji Hasan took care of the bicycle by placing it outside his shop during the day and bringing it inside at night. He did this faithfully for an incredible 45 years, always hoping that the owner would return. Unfortunately, Haji Hasan passed away without ever seeing the bicycle’s owner again.

To honor Haji Hasan’s loyalty and dedication, the government decided to build a statue of him with the bicycle at a busy intersection in the city. This statue serves as a lasting symbol of faithfulness and commitment, reminding people of Haji Hasan’s extraordinary pledge of loyalty, known as “Ahad-e-Wafa.”

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