Friday, December 1, 2023

Sindh Governor Announces Distribution of 3.5 Million Credit Cards, Offering Upto 40% Discounts on Daily Rations

Sindh Governor Kamran Tesori has announced exciting plans to make an agreement that will allow 3.5 million credit cards to be given out. These cards will give people big discounts of up to 40% on important things they need.

He shared this news at a special event at the Governor House in Sindh. Governor Tesori also invited students to come together on August 14th to try and set a record for unity under the national flag. He wants to support young people and make them strong and motivated for Pakistan’s progress.

Governor Tesori’s great idea, along with the upcoming agreement, aims to help lots of people by giving them more buying power and financial opportunities.

As Pakistan gets ready to celebrate Independence Day, Governor Tesori’s leadership gives people hope and encourages progress. He wants everyone to work together and have a better future for Pakistan.

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