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Sindh High Court’s Order to Stop Teachers’ Salaries

The Sindh High Court has ordered that salaries for teachers who fail to register their attendance on the online system be withheld. During the hearing of an application for education reforms, the Chief Justice of Sindh High Court stated that teachers are enjoying Tik Tok, that they can’t run the app, that they don’t get signals, and that these are all excuses.

The petition for education reform was heard in the Sindh High Court, and the Secretary Education, Secretary Information Technology, Advocate General Sindh, and other officials appeared.

The Sindh High Court issued a significant order against those who failed to participate in the biometric system. The High Court has ordered that the salaries of teachers who do not register their attendance on the online system be suspended.

The court ordered the teachers to use the online app to track their students’ attendance. According to the education secretary, most teachers do not have Android phones, but they are making excuses for some apps.

The court remarked that these are all justifications for not paying those who are not present.

The Chief Justice of the Sindh High Court stated that teachers enjoy Tik Tok and that if salaries are not paid, the teachers will attend with this phone as well.

The Secretary of Education stated during the briefing that efforts are being made, and that teacher attendance has now reached 77%.

The Chief Justice went on to say that if someone calls from Saudi Arabia, they listen to it, talk to them for hours and hours, and then the signal comes. They don’t have internet access to participate in the rest of the online system?

The Supreme Court requested a progress report on the next hearing from the Secretary of Education and directed the Secretary of IT to further update the system relating to teacher attendance.

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