Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Sindh Students to Face Action for Making Tiktok Videos During Matric Exams

Sindh’s Minister for Universities and Boards, Ismail Rahoo, has issued a warning stating that students caught making TikTok videos in examination centers will be declared as failures. The minister’s action came in response to a viral video showing female students creating TikTok content during the matriculation exam in Hyderabad.

Expressing his dissatisfaction with the relevant authorities, Minister Rahoo instructed the boards to take measures to prevent cheating during examinations across the province. He emphasized that students found using mobile phones in examination centers would face consequences and urged the authorities to enforce rules and regulations strictly.

Additionally, the minister directed the board chairmen and controllers to take stringent action against students involved in cheating. Furthermore, he mandated that all board chairmen increase the number of vigilance teams in examination centers and specifically deploy female vigilance teams to girls’ examination centers.

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