Monday, October 2, 2023

Sindh to Establish International Standard Tourist Point at Keenjhar Lake

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, in the Thatta District, is where you can find Keenjhar Lake. It is located about 22 miles (36 km) outside of Thatta.It is Pakistan’s largest freshwater lake and a significant source of drinking water for Karachi City and Thatta District.

The Sindh government has chosen to build an international grade tourist resort near Keenjhar Lake as a step towards providing picnickers with tourism amenities.

Imtiaz Sheikh, the Sindh Energy Minister, presided over the steering committee meeting where the decision was made. The gathering was briefed by the Kuwait Investment Agency regarding the development of a world-class resort at Keenjhar Lake.

Speaking at the event, Imtiaz Sheikh stated that the Sindh government was developing a plan to turn Keenjhar Lake into a resort of world calibre, complete with all contemporary tourist amenities.

Kenjhar Lake, according to the energy minister, is 24 km in size, and a suitable location is being sought for the development of a contemporary resort.

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