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Skateboard Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Skateboards for Every Age

Riding is not limited to just cars or bikes. Roll up for having an amazing riding experience with high-quality skateboards in Pakistan given in the article below.

Choose among your best skateboard brands from below and get ready for skateboarding. There is a diverse range of skateboards for beginners, teenagers, adults, and professionals with varying features and specifications. The electric skateboards come with a wireless remote-control system as well.

Best Skateboards in Pakistan

Apollo Russian Maple Double Kick Red Skateboard

The Russian Maple skateboard by Apollo is made for adults and teenagers. It is manufactured with 7-layer laminated plywood which ensures durability. Shaped in the modern style and flexibility the Russian Maple is one of the budget-friendly skateboards in Pakistan.

The skateboard has a maximum weight capacity of 80 kgs. Its top material is layered with special sandpaper for providing grip and ensuring efficient speed. This bearings offer efficient handling as well.

Apollo Russian Maple Double Kick Red Skateboard

Its specifications are mentioned below.

Length31 inches
Height4 inches
Width8 inches
Weight4 kg
Material of the wheelsPU plastic
Thickness10 mm
Weight capacity80 – 95 Kg

Apollo Canadian Maple Double Kick Black Skateboard

The Canadian Maple is another best choice in skateboards for adults and teenagers. Laminated with 7-layer Plywood, its pre-shaped and polished deck has special reinforcements. Its top layer is also coated adds to the grip and helps to maintain efficient speed.

Apollo Canadian Maple Double Kick Black Skateboard

The bearings of the skateboard ensure maximum handling properties. Find out more about the Apollo Canadian Maple skateboard below.

Length (in)31 inches
Height (in)4 inches
Width (in)8 inches
Thickness (mm)10 mm
Weight (kg)5 Kg
Weight capacity (XXXapprox.)90 to 100 kg
Material of the wheelsPU plastic

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard

This electric skateboard by Wookrays comes with diverse advanced specs and features. It is manufactured with 7 layers of hard and rock maple deck providing flexibility and durability. The 7 plywood layers provide robustness such that it resists deformation to any kind of stamping collision.

The 2.4 GHz wireless remote can control the forward, and backward, along with brake and acceleration. the wireless remote can control within the reach of 14 meters. Moreover, the LED indicators provide battery indications. Its 350 watts motor provides 3-speed modes for experts as well as beginners.

The three-speed modes include 6.2 mph (low), 6.3 mph (medium), and 12.4 mph (high). Its 29.4 V lithium battery is charged completely in 2 hours and can go to the maximum range of 5 miles. The kick tail and PU wheels make gliding smooth and provide better control.

WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard
Battery capacity2000 mah
Length65 cm
Width6.8 in
Size of wheels70 mm
Weight capacity176.4 pounds / 80 kg
Weight3.9 kg

Supa Leave stylish Wheels Skateboard

The 47 inches Supa Skateboard is made for professionals and is integrated with advanced specs. This trendy 4 wheels longboard is made with durable and robust material which offers strength and flexibility. The surface is made to resist slipping. The skateboard is stylish and easy to take a ride on. The auto-balance would not let you fall and enables safe gliding.

Supa Leave stylish Wheels Skateboard

It is manufactured with Aluminum alloy maple and is 47 inches in length. Further specifications are given below.

MaterialAluminium alloy mape
Length47 inches
Weight2600 g

Baker 8-inch Skateboard

Baker’s red skateboard is built with high-quality material. The 7 layers of Ply Hardrock ensure durability and flexibility. The 52 mm wheels provide a strong grip and enable a smooth ride. The skateboard comes with multiple bearings. Get ready to roll for an amazing skateboard ride.

The PU 52 mm wheels ensure a strong grip for efficient speed and ensure safety. The skateboard is very lightweight at 2.3 kg weight. The durometer hardness is 95A and the deck width is 8 inches.

Baker 8-inch Skateboard

This Bakers skateboard is available in both red/white and black/white combinations with the logo incorporated in white colour. Further specifications are mentioned below.

Length31.9 inches
Width9.5 inches
Height6.69 inches
Weight2.31 kg
Wheel size52 mm
ColourRed and white logo
Deck width8 inches
Durometer95 A hardness
Wheel Size (mm)52 mm

WOOKRAYS 38” Electric Skateboard

This Wookrays E-skateboard comes with dual electric motors of 450 W providing 3-speed modes. It is the best skateboard for every age. You can have a ride at the lowest speed of 7 mph, the medium speed of 16 mph, and the high speed of 25 mph. The skateboard can be used without electricity.

The 36 V lithium battery has a battery capacity of 6000 mah and is enough for 21.7 miles. Its high-performance battery takes 4 hours to get charged. Its 2.4 GHz wireless remote controls acceleration, brakes, and forward, and backward movement.

Moreover, its PU wheels allow shock absorption enabling a smooth ride. This electric skateboard is equipped with 8 layers of hard maple providing durability, flexibility, and more strength. This 38-inch-long skateboard is among the best skateboards for its advanced features.

The skateboard can resist any collision or stamp without getting damaged. The anti-slip efficient deck is 10 inches wide. The skateboard has a maximum load capacity of 150 kg. The top speed recorded is 25 mph. Its dual batteries of 450 W provide efficient performance. Furthermore, safety is ensured by the UL safety test.

WOOKRAYS 38” Electric Skateboard

Further specifications are mentioned below.

Battery36 V lithium battery
Battery capacity6000 mah
Length38 inches
Width10 inches
Weight capacity330 lbs / 150 kg
WheelsPU high-grip 3.5 inch

Skateboard Price in Pakistan

Skateboard price in Pakistan varies as per the specifications. The prices of the skateboards mentioned in the article are given below.

Skateboards Price in Pakistan
Apollo Russian Maple Double Kick Red SkateboardPKR 8,000.00
Apollo Canadian Maple Double Kick Black SkateboardPKR 12,000.00
WOOKRAYS Electric SkateboardPKR 50,608
WOOKRAYS 38-inch Electric SkateboardPKR 134860
Baker 8-inch SkateboardPKR 23340
Supa Leave stylish Wheels SkateboardPKR 9,999

The article concludes best skateboards in Pakistan along with their prices, features, and specifications.

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