Saturday, March 2, 2024

Sony filed a patent for smartphone PlayStation controller

Sony may be working on a smartphone device that is similar to the PlayStation controller. A patent showing two controller grips connected to a gadget — which appears to be a smartphone — has appeared online.

Apart than that, there isn’t much information available about the smartphone controller right now. The configuration of the controller appears to be similar to that of the DualShock controller for the PlayStation 4.

Sony released the Xperia Play smartphone in 2012, which featured dedicated Dual Shock type gaming controls as well as six axis motion controls.

Video Games Chronicle first spotted the patent for Sony’s smartphone controller with a PlayStation-like design, which was supposedly filed by the company’s Japan division.

As previously stated, the controller resembles the DualShock controller on the PlayStation 4 rather than the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5. “A left side grip piece and a right side grip section clasped by the user’s left and right hands,” according to the description.

According to the putative patent’s drawings, the controller has “a shaft section that can be tilted by the user, and detect the tilting direction and quantity of the shaft portion.”

If such a device is released in the future, it might be used to play PlayStation games via Remote Play or the cloud with a smartphone. It could work in the same way as third-party controllers do when streaming and playing Xbox games.

Players can still use Bluetooth to connect their standard PlayStation controllers to their smartphones. Always keep in mind that patents don’t always equate to production models, and the corporation is simply expressing its interest in the patents’ prospective technologies.

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