Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Special Quota set in KP Medical & Dental Colleges for Students of Tribal District

Recently the government of KP- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has approved the admission quota for the applicants from about 7 merged tribal districts in medical and dental colleges of KP.

Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister of KP has said that provincial government is set to provide the best education facilities to all the students who belong to the tribal districts.

However, a notification was issued by Homes and Tribal Affairs Department unveiling that the provincial government has also reserved a total of about 334 seats out of which the combined district quota is of 234 as per the official sources.

Moreover, 11 seats have already been approved for the tribal districts at a sub-divisional level and 29 seats are for the residential quota of the tribal districts. It is also added that 56 seats in total have been approved like on the tribe basis and around 4 for the merged inner quota of sub-division.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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