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Statement of Anju,s father Who Came To Pakistan From India And Got Married

The father of Anju, an Indian girl who came to Pakistan for the sake of friendship on Facebook, has announced the breakup with her.

On Monday, the news came out that an Indian girl Anju reached the Deer Bala area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to meet a Pakistani friend, but Anju fulfilled all the legal requirements to come to Pakistan and the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi formally issued a letter to her. gave

On Tuesday, Malakand Division DIG Nasir Mehmood Sati confirmed the marriage of Anju and Nasrullah and said that the Indian woman had converted to Islam and changed her name to Fatima.

According to DIG Malakand, both of them got married in the court of the District and Sessions Judge, after which the Indian woman was transferred home from the court under the supervision of the police.

The woman said in her statement that she visited in Nasrullah on her own desire, noting that the locals are friendly and the surroundings are lovely.

Father’s statement:

Now Anju’s (Fatima) father Gaya Prasad Thomas said in an interview given to Indian media that ‘the way she ran away leaving her two children and husband behind, she did not even think about her children, if Anju If she had to do this, she would have divorced her first husband, now she is dead to us.

He said that ‘I will not appeal to the Indian government to bring my daughter back to India from Pakistan, my request is to let her die in Pakistan’.

The girl’s father further said, ‘What will happen to her children, what will happen to her husband? What will happen to his 13-year-old daughter and five-year-old son? She ruined the future of her children and her husband

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