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Stethoscope Price in Pakistan 2023 – Types and Best Stethoscope

Are you confused looking at all the good looking, visually attractive and branded and best stethoscopes in the market shelves? Or you just want to get a simply best stethoscope that comes in handy and has a durable and lifelong working time, do not you worry as we got your back in this mission of finding the best Stethoscope with price in Pakistan for you.

As we know, doctors, nurses and medical individuals use stethoscopes for obtaining blood pressure and listen to the chest while the patient is with cough, no wonder one cannot compromise on a good stethoscope.

The best stethoscope has all the features a doctor needs for checking its patient. The parts of the Stethoscope should be durable and comfortable, the tube should be of good material, and the Stethoscope should come with good sound quality. There are a bunch of stethoscope companies manufacturing stethoscopes in Pakistan at a very affordable range, but one must gather complete knowledge before buying a stethoscope if they do not want to waste their hard-earned money on a clumsy stethoscope with no real benefits.

Stethoscope in Pakistan

Features Of Best Stethoscopes

Best stethoscopes come with great features and are made of good quality material; a nurse or a doctor both wants the best Stethoscope for them to check their patient’s heart rate and blood pressure. Parts of a stethoscope usually comprises of diaphragm, chest piece, diaphragm, stem, headset, tubing, ear tips and eartubes. All these parts of the Stethoscope should be durable and comfortable to handle.

Some features of a good stethoscope are mentioned below.

  • Sound quality
  • Frequency of usage
  • Acoustics sensitivity
  • Good quality tube
  • Good quality head and other parts of Stethoscope
  • Comfortable structure
  • It should be lightweight
  • The tube’s length should be long but not very lengthy.

Best Stethoscopes Brands And Models

We have gathered a number of high selling stethoscopes in Pakistan with amazing parts and features; some of the affordable and good quality stethoscopes are discussed below.

MDF (MD one) stainless steel stethoscope

MDF (MD one) stethoscope is a stainless Steel stethoscope with the latest design and is available in eight vibrant colors. It is a high selling stethoscope with a lifetime warranty; MDF MD ONE is a doctor’s Stethoscope designed specifically for professional heart rate measurements and clinical diagnostic purposes.


  • Latex-free
  • Available in eight colors
  • Made from super stainless steel
  • Provides accurate knockoff sounds
  • Available with ID tag
  • It comes with two extra pairs of good quality ear tips
  • Diaphragm made with ultra-sensitive material.
  • Handcrafted
  • Lifetime warranty

Littmann 3M classic III stethoscope

Littmann is a worldwide popular Stethoscope manufacturing company; their Littmann 3M classic III stethoscopes is a black, rainbow finish stethoscope with dual heat and acoustics sensitivity features. Littmann stethoscopes are world-famous for their affordable price, and worthy features as no other stethoscope company can beat them when it comes to their high selling stethoscopes.

Littmann 3M classic III stethoscope price in Pakistan


  • Enhanced acoustics sensitivity
  • High-quality tube design for better performance
  • Easy cleaning and detaching setup
  • It comes with Diaphragms that are tunable
  • Precisely machined chest piece
  • 27 inches tube length
  • Weighs 150 grams
  • Good sound quality
  • High performance
  • Single piece Diaphragm

Proscope 670 DUAL HEAT stethoscope

Proscope dual heat stethoscope 670 is an affordable stethoscope with a prolific design. It comes with one year warranty and a chest piece made from lightweight aluminium metal.


  • One year warranty
  • Diaphragm rim and non-chill bell for patient’s convenience
  • Chest piece made from lightweight aluminum metal
  • 1 ¾” Diaphragm diameter
  • ¾ bell diameter
  • 50 per cent more accurate acoustics response
  • Binaurals with ear tips made of PVC
  • Adjustable Binaurals
  • 21 inches tube
  • 81 centimeters overall length
  • 85.6 grams overall weight
  • Extra mushroom ear tips pair available

Littmann 3M (cardiology IV)

Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope is the best Stethoscope made for doctors who prefer amazing acoustics performance and great precision in measurements. These stethoscopes are world-famous for their accuracy and good quality.

Littmann 3M (cardiology IV)


  • High accuracy
  • High acoustics sensitivity
  • Good quality materials used for manufacturing
  • Chalice shaped chest piece
  • Versatile diagnostic features
  • East to detach and easy to clean single piece Diaphragm
  • Tunable Diaphragms to help clinicals listen different sounds of different frequencies
  • Soft and snap-tight ear tips
  • Dual lumen tube setup


Certeza CR 747 x Stethoscope

Certeza 747X stethoscope is an affordable and high selling stethoscope with quality features and a high-quality sound setup to provide accurate blood and heart rate measurements. It has a manganese chest piece with super-accurate sound service to give accurate heart and blood pressure measurements.


  • Deluxe adult stethoscope
  • High sound quality
  • Accuracy
  • 30 inches tube length
  • 46.5 mm diameter of the chest piece
  • Manganese spring
  • The larger bell for better performance
  • Aluminium metal chest piece
  • Soft and comfortable ear tips for user’s convince

Stethoscope Price in Pakistan

There is a score of good quality and best-selling stethoscope in Pakistan selling at a handy price. Littmann stethoscopes are world-famous for their price and materials; some of the affordable stethoscopes available in Pakistan are mentioned below with their brand names with respect to their price in Pakistan.

Stethoscope brand and model namePrice In Pakistan
MDF (MD one) stainless steel stethoscopePKR 8,400
Littmann 3M classic III stethoscopePKR 21,999
Proscope 670 DUAL HEAT stethoscopePKR 1,800
Littmann 3M (cardiology IV)PKR 35,500
Atom original double dual head stethoscopePKR 1,300
Certeza cr 747XPKR 1,000


If you’re a doctor, a nurse or even a clinical assistant, we know that you definitely want a good stethoscope around your neck every time a patient comes in. But before buying a stethoscope, you must collect enough information about the price of the Stethoscope and the materials used as well as the features and functions it has to offer.

There are several good stethoscope manufacturers around the globe and in Pakistan selling high-quality stethoscopes for clinical as well as household heart and pulse rate measuring purposes. Among the top stethoscope companies, Littmann stethoscopes are quite remarkable and reliable due to their innovative and accurate acoustics, and one must check them out while opting for a stethoscope.

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