Monday, April 15, 2024

Study Reveals Surprising Numbers of Pakistanis Willing to “Sacrifice Their Lives” for Pakistan

A study by World of Statistics done in 2015 reveals surprising figures of people willing to sacrifice their lives for their countries.

A striking fact about the study is that the highest number belongs to Pakistan and Vietnam, where citizens are willing to fight for their countries.  These numbers reflect a profound sense of patriotism of Pakistani citizens.

As per the figures, 89% of the population is willing to sacrifice their lives for Pakistan. The lowest number belongs to Japan with 11% citizens want to fight for their country. The second spot in the list belongs to Bangladesh where 86% people showed their willingness, while Afghanistan secured third position with 76% of citizens expressing their willingness to lay down their lives for nation.

The statistics for United Stated and Canada stood at 44% and 30% respectively.

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