Monday, October 2, 2023

UK-based Pakistani Girl Sets New Record With 34 GCSEs

British Pakistani student Mahnoor Cheema achieved a record success in 34 subjects in the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examination.

According to sources, 16-year-old Mah Noor Cheema created a new history in the world including the UK. Mahnoor gave 10 subjects from school and 24 as a private candidate in Olivell examination and got A star grade in all.

Mahnoor’s IQ level is higher than Albert Einstein’s. In the Mensa IQ test, Mahnoor’s score is 161. She is among the top one percent of the world’s intelligence.

Einstein never took the Mensa test, but his score is believed to be 160.

It should be noted that Mahnoor’s parents Usman Cheema and Tayyaba Cheema are from Lahore.

The family moved to the UK in 2006. Mah Noor is interested in the field of medicine and wants to serve humanity.

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