Friday, September 22, 2023

Sugar and Flour Prices Increase Across the country

Due to further increases in the prices of sugar, flour, and vegetables across the country, citizens are facing difficulties.

The price of sugar has reached Rs 150 per kg across the country, which has increased the hardships of the citizens.

In Quetta, the price of sugar per kg has been increased by 10 rupees, after which the price has increased from 140 to 150 rupees.

On the other hand, a 20 kg bag of flour priced at Rs. 2,850 in Lahore became costing Rs. 2,850 after a Rs. 50 price hike.

Asim Raza, the chairman of the Flour Mills Association, claims that the increase in the price of flour is due to the food department.

The price of 40 kg of wheat on the open market has jumped to 4,725 rupees after the Secretary of Food restricted the storage of more than 200 maunds of wheat. 

Apart from this, the price of tomato in Punjab has also been increased by 40 rupees, and one kilo of tomato is being sold for 120 rupees.

Shopkeepers attributed the increase in prices to shortages caused by rains.

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