Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sugar Price Falls Further After Crackdown Against Hoarders

Sugar prices are dropping in Pakistan as officials crack down on hoarders. In Quetta, wholesale sugar prices have fallen to 180 rupees per kg, down from 190 rupees previously. Retail prices have also declined by 35 rupees to 190 rupees per kg. The price relief comes amid a global sugar surplus.

The crackdown on hoarders that was initiated in order to put an end to the increase in sugar prices has started to produce results.

Sugar has also started to become less expensive in Quetta as a result of the global sugar glut. According to market sources, the wholesale price of sugar per kg has become 180 rupees after a fall of 10 rupees in the price per kg. The previous wholesale price of sugar was 190 rupees. Following that, the price at retail also has been lowered.

According to various market reports, the current retail price of sugar per kilogram has increased to Rs 190. In just a few days, there was a reduction of Rs. 35 in the amount that is charged per kilogram.

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