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Sulaiman was scared and left for his father’s happiness, shocking revelations of his family

Shocking information has come to light since the family of Pakistani billionaire Prince Dawood, who was rumored to have seen the Titanic’s wreckage before it fell in the Atlantic, verified his demise.

Prince Dawood’s sister, Uzma Dawood, confirmed the death of her brother and son Sulaiman while talking to the American news agency NBC News. He said that he is no longer among us.

Uzma Dawood said that Prince Dawood and Sulaiman were in the Titan submarine which was destroyed at the bottom of the sea. He also thanked those who took part in the rescue operation for the missing submarine.

Famous Pakistani businessman Prince Dawood passed away along with his son.

Prince Dawood’s sister has made shocking revelations that her nephew Sulaiman Dawood was afraid to go on a trip to see the Titanic wreck. Nevertheless, he joined the trip to cheer his father on Father’s Day.

It should be noted that the company ‘Ocean Gate’, the manufacturer of the ill-fated submarine Titan, which was seen as a wreck of the Titanic yesterday, issued an official statement and said that ‘Alas! We lost all five people on Titan forever.

The final video of the Titan submarine, before it goes to sea, has been released.

It should be noted that Prince Dawood is the Vice Chairman of Pakistan’s largest enterprise, Engro Corporation, which has invested in fertilizers, vehicle manufacturing, energy, and digital technologies.

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