Friday, May 24, 2024

Sultan Al Neyadi shares photo of Dubai at night from space

A photograph of Dubai at night taken from orbit by UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi. The Palm Jumeirah, Jebel Ali, and residential neighbourhoods of Dubai are included in the picture, along with the recognisable Jumeirah Village Circle.

The image was shared on Twitter by Dr. Al Neyadi along with the hashtag #MyDubai. Dubai, he observed, “shines almost as bright as the stars up here.” Dr. Al Neyadi, who is now on a six-month mission, made history last week by becoming the first Arab to complete a spacewalk.

Together with his American coworker Stephen Bowen, he finished the six and a half-hour spacewalk. During their maintenance job, the pair completed two essential tasks, one of which involved getting ready an outer structure of the station for the installation of a solar array.

NASA broadcast footage of the astronauts working delicate repairs while floating in space and being held solely by a cable while donning cumbersome spacesuits. Sultan Al Neyadi of AE wins the race. Stunning view of the UAE is shared by Arab spacewalker Sultan Al Neyadi from the space station.

Dr. Al Neyadi will leave the space station once more this weekend to relocate the Dragon spacecraft that brought them there to a different docking location in order to make room for cargo vehicles that will arrive next month.

Putting in their spacesuits, the astronauts will board the capsule and carefully pilot it a short distance to its new docking position. It will be the most recent project in a busy period for Dr. Al Neyadi in space.

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