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Kuwaiti Citizens Can Travel Visa-Free to 50 Countries


Traveling freedom is a blessing for the citizens of a country. Kuwait stands at 55th on the ranking list regarding travel to other countries without a visa or visa on access. Kuwaiti citizens can travel visa-free to 50 countries. For example, Kuwaiti citizens don’t need a visa while they are traveling to GCC member states.

The annual bulletin for 2023 is released now and has provided information regarding visa-free entry into foreign countries. For Kuwaiti citizens, the Bulletin has listed around 199 countries that allow them to enter their lands with some visa exemption.

Kuwaiti citizens can travel visa-free

According to the passport ranking index, Kuwait’s passport stands at 100th which means that they can travel to around 58 or more than that to other countries of the world. But if they are traveling to other countries, they must apply for a visa before starting the other process.

Thus, this facility makes the world an oyster for Kuwaiti citizens. It also unfolds door for business and cultural exchange opportunities.

Some of the countries and territories are mentioned below where the Kuwaiti citizen can travel visa-free. Kuwaiti citizens must remember that visa-free traveling does not mean that they also don’t need a passport. They must have a valid passport and travel insurance according to the destination city.

  • There are 10 European countries that allow visa-free entry to the Kuwaiti.
  • 3 Australia and some of its neighboring countries offer visa-free traveling to Kuwaiti citizens.
  • Around 6 Asian and 4 African countries provide this visa-free traveling opportunity to Kuwaiti citizens.
  • 14 Arab and around 13 American continents allow visa-free entry to Kuwaitis.

The names of these countries are given in the following table.

Albania Kosovo South Korea
Bahamas Kyrgyzstan Sri Lanka
Bahrain Lebanon Saint Kitts and Nevis
Belarus Malaysia Sant Lucia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Mauritius Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Botswana Micronesia Sudan
Cayman Islands Montenegro Syria
Cook Islands Morocco Thailand
Dominican and Dominican Republic New Zealand Tunisia
Ecuador Nicaragua Türkiye
Egypt Niue Ukraine
EI Salvador Oman UAE
Georgia Pakistan UK
Guatemala Panama Vanuatu
Haiti Philippines Eswatini
Honduras Qatar Zambia
Hong Kong Sao Tome and Principe
Indonesia Saudi Arabia
Iraq Senegal
Jordan Serbia
Kazakhstan Singapore

Kuwaiti citizens also enjoy entry visa services while traveling that they receive at the airport by the destination country. The number of these countries is around 43.

Kuwaiti can travel without Passport.

However, there are some countries where Kuwaiti citizens can travel without a passport. For traveling to those countries, they only need their CNIC. The names of these countries are listed below.

  • Bahrain
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE

How to apply for Visa?

Some of the countries allow entry to Kuwaiti holding eVisa. But traveling to other countries, Kuwaitis need to apply for Visa. For that, they need the following documents.

  • Submit the visa application in their home city. It can take several months to process for consolation.
  • Get ready documents such as passport, health insurance, and application form. Some of them need to get verified by the foreign office.
  • After successful completion of the above steps, your visa application is submitted. After that, you will need to appear in an interview.
  • The above step will take several weeks to decide on your visa application.


All information regarding Kuwaiti citizens can travel visa-free to 50 countries is given above. It not only makes traveling easy for them but also provides leisure to the Kuwaitis. Let us know if you have any queries regarding the Kuwaiti visa-free travelling.

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