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Superior University distributed 2 million Research Grant through “Research Recognition Awards 2020” held by ORIC

The Superior University has envisaged an academic arena right from the time of its inception, and that is the development of a research-based university and one which is capable to compete at both domestic and international levels. The mission and vision were to introduce the leaders in the research field, presenting a greater number of publications, and having a maximum number of foreign collaborations as a mark of identity. The researchers and scholars were required to be recognized by the top management. Inauguration of an event to give away “Research Recognition Award 2020 Ceremony “was held to celebrate the success of the faculty members, who are the actual achievers and backbone of the university, and have developed a dream into reality with bigger contributions in the research sector of entire Pakistan.

The year 2020 proved to be a bigger milestone in having a greater number of researches. The pandemic times didn’t affect the passion and drive of the researchers, to work on new paradigms and research topics. The students and faculty members have an edge at the Superior University, to be a part of an academic environment that is research-oriented, and in direct collaboration with many globally recognized organizations and foreign universities. The Superior Impact Fund (SIF) was formed by the ORIC, to facilitate and provide funds for the vigilant faculty members at the right time. The SIF range of funds starts from PKR 250,000 to PKR 500,000 for the university’s faculty members. It can reach up to PKR 25,00,000 for the Medical and Dental college associates. The Superior Impact Fund (SIF) has an allocated budget for research scholars every year. It’s also a unique quality of being at the Superior University.

The Superior University’s ORIC Awards 2020 Ceremony was conducted in a cheering and applauding environment. It was high time to recognize the research achievements and contributions of the university’s scholars, to add value to the university profile, and to serve the nation with their unique ideas. The Rector Superior University, Dr. Sumaira Rehman distributed the “Certificate of Achievement” along with encouragement money that is a total of PKR 20,00,000 to 62 superior members from different faculties for their great contribution to their subject-related research efforts.

Dr. Suamira Rehman shared the vision to be among the leading research universities in the countries, and she committed to develop the research culture in the universities. She further announced that If we want excellent research, we need a positive research culture that supports all individuals involved. An important aspect of research culture is an organization’s approach to research integrity – the formal and informal ethics, standards, protocols and policies researchers follow in their environment. Superior University is increasingly recognizing the importance of the role of research integrity, and takes initiatives to promote the research ethos. She highlighted that the research achievements of our proud scholars are directed to create a socio-economic impact and support policymakers for better decision making.

Then there were some out of these prestigious faculty members who received special recognition awards for their research activities in the year 2020 as follows:

  • Researcher of the Year Award: Mr. Muhammad Saeed Meo (Faculty of Business & Management Sciences)
  • Research Excellence Awards:  
  • Dr. Nadia Nasir (Faculty of Business & Management Sciences) 
  • b.    Dr. Kanwal Ashiq (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • Emerging Researcher of the Year: Dr. Qasim Ali Nisar (Faculty of Business & Management Sciences)
  • Distinguished Researcher Awards for Unique Topics: Awarded to 9 Research Scholars from different faculties of the Superior University.

So, the research-based setup has been all active and it makes an impact that really is affecting the study environment at the campus with all positive impacts. It is helping the students to groom, and here we can see many research topics are truly beneficial for the national planning as well. The event was successful and ended in a jubilant mood. The Research Recognition Awards 2020 proved to be a pivotal and motivational point for the award winners, and a source of inspiration for the others to come up with innovative ideas of research, and avail the ORIC fundings as well as enrich their own profiles. The recognitions and applauds are important for the encouragement, motivation, and the university management understands these facts and nailed it with Award Ceremony and Cash Prizes at the right time.

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