Saturday, July 20, 2024

Supreme Court Dismissed Railway Employee Request for Increment of Rs. 75 in Salary

The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday dismissed a railway employee’s plea for an increase of Rs 75 in his basic salary, sources reported.

As per the details, a three-member bench headed by the chief justice of the Supreme Court heard the case.

The court dismissed the case and declared it expired. The Chief Justice (CJ) said that the railway employee named Ghayas filed the tribunal appeal in 2017, five years after his retirement.

He told the petitioner’s lawyer that, according to you, a Rs 75 increase should have been made in the employee’s basic salary in 1983, but the railway employee had been thinking about it for 20–25 years.

Hence, the Supreme Court dismissed the plea as it had expired in both the Tribunal and the Supreme Court.

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