Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Supreme Court lifts Lahore’s “No Helmet, No Petrol” ban

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled to lift the “no helmet no petrol” ban imposed by the Lahore High Court. The ban meant that no fuel would be sold at any Lahore petrol station to motorcyclists without helmets. There will be a fine on gas stations that offer fuel to such motorcyclists.

Various reports suggest that a three-member bench at the Supreme Court decided to suspend the “no helmet no petrol” ban, supported the assumption that it’s a needless and unjust denial of the essential rights of a traditional citizen. The court made it clear that there’s no such law alive that denies a motorcycle rider without a helmet the proper to get fuel.

The court directed the Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) to specialise in ensuring on his end that the bike riders, also as passengers, wear helmets while on the roads. The court further instructed the CTO to require strict action against people who don’t suits the security measures.

The LHC enacted the “no helmet no petrol” ban within the region for the motorcyclists to start out wearing helmets on the road as a necessity. The petrol pumps were bound by the authorities to suits the ban, and therefore the authorities and heavily fine the non-complying petrol pumps.

The ruling did have an impression , as a good number of motorcyclists started wearing helmets thereafter. However, now with the ban lifted, whether or not things would worsen , remains to be seen.

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