Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Tecno Introduces World’s First Liquid Zoom Camera for the Phantom X

Tecno’s Future Lens event in Shanghai revealed a triad of pioneering technologies set to revolutionize their upcoming Phantom X camera phones. The standout innovation is the W-shaped adjustable aperture, drawing inspiration from the cuttlefish eye to combat glare in challenging lighting scenarios like strong backlight. This intriguing design choice has sparked anticipation regarding the sensor and lens combinations Tecno will integrate into their future devices to complement this unique shutter mechanism.

Another groundbreaking feature unveiled was the industry’s first liquid telephoto macro lens housed in a periscope module. By leveraging voltage to manipulate the lens curvature, Tecno achieves seamless switching between wide and narrow focus, enabling macro shots as close as 5cm. This liquid lens technology not only facilitates macro focusing but also accommodates larger sensors, a significant advantage in smartphone photography.

Tecno’s approach diverges from the norm, moving away from using ultra-wide cameras for macros, which often result in image distortion. Their utilization of a longer focal length via a periscope zoom promises distortion-free, high-quality macro images. Additionally, the Universal Tone technology, employing AI-driven engines to enhance skin tones in photographs, showcases Tecno’s commitment to refining image quality through meticulous research on skin color chromatics, ensuring accurate and appealing skin tone reproduction in photos.

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