Friday, July 19, 2024

Thai Ngoc from Vietnam Hasn’t Slept in the Over 61 Years

Thái Ngọc is a farmer hailing from Quang Nam province in Vietnam. He suffered from a severe fever for several weeks in 1973. Following the fever, he found himself incapable of falling asleep and has stayed sleepless ever since.

Initially, he tried using medication to overcome this problem, but it proved useless. Slowly, he came to terms with his inability to sleep and used the extra time to concentrate on his farming activities.

Ngọc’s condition has puzzled doctors and scientists worldwide as they struggle to explain how a person can stay without sleep for an extended period. Despite experiencing multiple medical tests and being studied by sleep research experts, no absolute explanation has been found.

Particularly, Ngọc claims that he leads an everyday life without undergoing any health issues associated with his illness. He claims not to feel tired or sleepy and has never even napped. His nights are occupied by working on his farm, while his days are filled with different household chores.

Due to his extraordinary circumstance, Ngọc has garnered international attention and has been the subject of countless documentaries and news articles. He has also been requested to speak at conferences, sharing his remarkable story with the public.

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