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The Charming Mountain Resort “Desert Rock” At the Red Sea

Initiated in 2021, construction is currently underway for the Desert Rock mountain resort on Saudi Arabia’s western coast. This project holds significant importance in The Red Sea Development Company’s (TRSDC) mission, as it seeks to exhibit Saudi Arabia’s culture, heritage, and nature on a global stage.

Desert Rock stands as a basis within TRSDC’s ambitious 2030 project, which encompasses 50 resorts, 8,000 rooms, 22 islands, and six inland facilities. The comprehensive plan also encompasses an international airport, marinas, golf courses, and private residences, all thoughtfully integrated into the surrounding landscape.

The vision for the Desert Rock Resort, created by Oppenheim Architecture, perfectly aligns with TRSDC’s goals. The resort beckons travelers to immerse themselves in Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty, creating indelible memories.

Furthermore, the Desert Rock project embodies the principles of sustainable construction. It harmonizes with the environment while providing tourists a true mountain living experience. Comprising 48 villas and 12 hotel rooms, the resort’s design seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings.

Beyond aesthetics, the Desert Rock resort caters to luxury and comfort. It features a spa, fitness center, dining venues, and breathtaking panoramic views. What truly distinguishes it is an unwavering commitment to sustainability, evident in its use of locally sourced materials for furnishings.

Yet, Desert Rock’s allure extends further to its location. It offers a plethora of attractions, including hiking trails, dune buggy rides, and unpolluted night skies, blending naturally with luxury to forge unforgettable experiences.

John Pagano, CEO of TRSDC states:

“Our aim was to establish a sanctuary for guests to intimately connect with the untouched beauty of Saudi Arabia. Desert Rock provides uninterrupted vistas, preserving natural magnificence for generations. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings and melding it with luxury, we wholeheartedly invite our guests to commune with nature.”

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