Thursday, September 21, 2023

Why Does Hair Curl In Summer And Straighten In Winter?

Most people’s hair is curly in summer and straight in cold weather. Oftentimes, people with normally straight hair tend to become frizzy or wavy as humidity increases.

In fact, our hair proteins have different types of chemical bonds that cause damage to the cuticle and cortex layer of the hair due to constant hair styling, brushing and use of unnecessary chemicals.

This is because moisture molecules in the air can easily move in and out of this layer, making the texture of the hair sensitive, causing the hair to look dry and often frizzy.

If you want to keep your hair moisturized, you can prevent your hair from becoming dry, dull and lifeless by taking the following precautions.

Use of conditioner

For dull, lifeless and dry hair, it is important to use conditioner, so that your hair becomes shiny and soft.

Use of oil

Combing dry hair can cause tangles and breakage. In such a case, you should use hair spray on the comb to avoid breakage. Massage your hair with coconut or olive oil at least twice a week.

Discard combs with broken teeth

Do not use a comb with broken teeth, as this will cause more breakage. Use cold water to wash your head, but wash your head with lukewarm water in winter. You shouldn’t put hot water on your head. This causes dryness in the scalp and weakens the hair roots.

Avoid stress

Try to be happy, because happiness and healthy hair are closely related. Irregular blood flow to the arteries of the scalp due to irritation affects the hair because the arteries become constricted in the excited state and the hair roots stop being strengthened.

Comb if stressed

If you are suffering from any stress then comb your hair for ten minutes, it is beneficial for hair.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is best for healthy hair. Add some lemon juice to the tea strained water.

Rinse the hair with the same extract after shampooing, it will add shine to the hair. If you apply coconut or mustard oil to your hair at night and wash your hair in the morning, hair fall will stop.

For scalp dryness, mix 20 grams of lemon juice and 50 grams of raw milk and apply it on your hair, then you will get relief from dryness.

If you are constantly using hair styling and unnecessary chemicals, then give it up, it is harmful for hair.

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