Friday, April 19, 2024

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has turned down India’s appeal to ban the Kashmir Premier League

After the BCCI petitioned the ICC not to licence or recognize the Kashmir Premier League, the ICC issued a statement. “The competition is not under the authority of the ICC because it is not an international cricket tournament,” an ICC official said.

PCB also voiced their displeasure with BCCI’s heinous behavior.

“The PCB believes the BCCI has tarnished the game by sending warnings to numerous ICC Members to discourage their retired cricketers from playing in the Kashmir Premier League, as well as threatening them with deportation if they return to India for cricket-related work,” said the PCB.

“Such behavior by the BCCI is entirely unacceptable, since it goes against the spirit of cricket’s preamble and establishes a dangerous precedent that cannot be accepted or ignored,” says the statement.

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