Thursday, June 1, 2023

The Reason Behind Noor Jahan’s Death.

Kanwar Ayub, the zoo’s director, believes that the elephant Noor Jahan, who died as a result of the disease, and another elephant, Madhu Bala, may have contracted a dangerous virus.

According to zoo officials, the Four Paws team discovered a hematoma in Noor Jahan on April 5. Noor Jahan’s post-mortem examination and other test results will reveal the cause of death. After falling and dying, he is thought to have contracted a deadly virus.

Kanwar Ayub, the zoo’s director, claims that the elephant’s death was caused by a dangerous virus rather than a common virus. Samples of the elephant’s various organs are being tested in a laboratory.

According to zoo officials, the transfer of Madhu Bala Elephant from Karachi Zoo to Safari Park has been postponed because various tests on Madhu Bala Elephant, screening of Madhu Bala, and blood samples will be taken.

According to Kanwar Ayub, Madhu Bala’s sample will be sent to a government laboratory in Lahore for testing, and once Madhu Bala’s health report is cleared, it will be transferred to the Safari Park.

They claim that international experts ordered the transfer of Noor Jahan and Madhubala to the Safari Park, but due to Madhubala’s infection with the dangerous virus, the Safari Park’s two elephants, Sonia and Malika, may also be affected.

According to zoo officials, following the death of Noor Jehan the elephant, his companion Madhu Bala is receiving special care.

The preparation of Hathni Noor Jahan’s grave Administrator Karachi Dr. Saifur Rehman, on the other hand, claims that a grave has been prepared for Hathani Noor Jahan’s burial; the grave is 15 feet deep, 14 feet long, and 12 feet wide. Medicine will be poured, and cranes will lower Hathni Noor Jahan into the grave.

It should be noted that Noor Jahan, the elephant at Karachi Zoo who had been ill for several months, died yesterday.

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