Monday, March 4, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S22 been revealed and claims to outperform rival manufacturers in terms of photography performance

Samsung is still working hard behind the scenes on the next big thing. In this situation, we may have some new information about one of the new cameras for the Galaxy S22, which will be released next year.

Ice Universe, a well-known leaker, mentioned two bombshells in a single tweet. The first is that the 200MP ISOCELL sensor from Samsung will be available in September 2021.

Another interesting piece is that the Korean firm is developing a 50MP RGBW camera sensor. After that, another tipter responded to Ice Universe’s tweet, claiming that the 50MP sensor will be included in the Galaxy S22.

Most camera sensors, particularly those found in smartphones; rely on red, green, and blue (RGB) sub-pixels to generate colours for photographs. This alleged 50MP sensor includes a fourth white sub-pixel, resulting in RGBW.

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