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The solar-powered electric car goes on sale; sold out in 24 hours

Aptera motors that are an American electric vehicles’ Startup has recently launched a $26,000 solar-powered electric vehicle that is amazing and supposedly never needs any charging.

Aptera Motors that have a Paradigm and a Paradigm+ are their two electric vehicles that are powered by solar energy. The Paradigm also has a 400 Mile Range whereas the Paradigm+ has a 1,000 Mile Range. These both went up for the pre-order last week; and within 24 hours, these both the cars had been sold out completely.

The Aptera’s three-wheeled vehicles claim to be the world’s first Never Charge solar electric vehicle. It’s Never Charge is built in its every vehicle, and it is designed to harvest enough sunlight like to travel over 11,000 miles per year, and that is in most regions.

Moreover, the teardrop-design of these vehicles is to make it aerodynamically efficient. It also ensures that these require very less energy to run efficiently. The Aptera website also allows you to just customize your purchase according to your choice; the cars can also be added with the various upgrades like SafetyPilot and the Enhanced Audio. These cars can also come with amazing camping, pet, and also with the off-road kits.

The cars have front-wheel drive, and that include full solar as well as special interior upgrades. The pre-order customers of these cars can also customize the interior as per choice and the exterior colour of the cars also.

Aptera’s websites say that Aptera also leverages the breakthroughs in lightweight structures, where the low-drag aerodynamics and cooling system is installed with material science, and the manufacturing processes to deliver it as the most efficient vehicle ever has made available to all consumers.

Mehjabeen Qasim
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