Tuesday, May 30, 2023

These 2 Courses Can Lead you for Jobs in 6 Months, Complete Details!

These two Google Professional courses can guarantee a job in 6 months. Google launched some professional courses through Coursera in 2021 spanning a period of 6 months. The courses fall in IT, Data Analytics, User Experience, Project Management, and Automation categories.

All these courses lead you to professional directions and include tasks that will also help you build up your portfolio. Find out the details of the courses below.

Google Advanced Analytics Professional Certificate

This 6-month course includes 7 courses on machine learning, experimental designs to collect data, analyze profuse amounts of data, and predictive modelling. The learning outcomes of the course are mastering how to build machine learning and regression models to examine and interpret data, applying statistical methods to analyze data, formulating data visualizations, and how to deliver the insights to stakeholders.

This course can assure you becoming a junior data scientist or senior data analyst at the end of course.

Google Business Intelligence Certificate

This professional 2 – 3 months course includes 3 individual courses on Business Intelligence Basics, Data modelling and its pipelines, and Dashboarding and Reporting. The learning outcomes are understanding the business intelligence professionals’ roles, data modelling, loading ETL processes that touch business goals, data visualization, and communicating the dashboards to stakeholders.

With this course you can qualify for the roles of Business Intelligence engineer / analyst / developer.

However, these courses charge you for acquiring a Certificate. If you cannot pay for the certificate, you can upload the tasks you did during the course in your portfolio. If you can pay for the certificate, connect it to your LinkedIn account and resumes to land even an international job.

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