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thinkPVC Introduces Innovative PVC Applications: Sustainable and Supporting Green Construction in Pakistan

A newly launched retail store in Karachi by the name of thinkPVC is the first of its kind outlet which is introducing PVC and its innovative PVC applications in the market. This is another bold step for the PVC industry when Pakistan is rapidly innovating in almost every sector and now thinkPVC has set a mark for homes or offices construction even much easier and better.

thinkPVC is also trying to create awareness of PVC as a material of choice. The brand wants to shift consumer perception that PVC is only about pipe fitting and cables; moreover, there are many new applications like PVC flooring, PVC windows, PVC wall panels or PVC furniture,   window Frames, and uPVC doors which everyone must know. Along with that, you can also have your kitchen made from PVC the vanity and the wardrobe.

For multiple applications of PVC not only in the home but also in offices or at any place, thinkPVC is considered to be a trusted partner as their outlet provides a platform to PVC manufacturers and producers to showcase different types of new profile applications. That also helps the brand to reach a larger target audience, like contractors, builders, architectures, consumers for households.

If you are looking for a sustainable lifestyle and different durable materials for construction then you can use this outlet could be your first choice which offers for PVC Foamboards, PVC Flooring, PVC Wall Panels, PVC Windows, and PVC Garden Furniture.

Why thinkPVC?

Though PVC already holds its presence in the market and the audience majorly knows about PVC by associating it with Pipes. thinkPVC aims to turn PVC into the material of the future that means it is something you can compare to modern designs and décor that can help you to have the smooth contemporary design of the place. thinkPVC is sustainable and it is focusing on green construction through use of PVC which has made this brand even more unique.

The basic objective of thinkPVC is to bring the spotlight to the PVC and what can be made out of it. The unique and also customized applications of this material are the key communication. Whatever you imagine having at your office or home in terms of beautiful décor like floor, windows, garden furniture, etc. every imagination of yours can be true by thinkPVC, as they create what you imagine.

Every application of the material is to be visualized first in a certain setting or arrangements such as a room, classroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. However, the amalgamation of the various products of PVC in terms of its use in the companies or whole industries should be the actual crux of the communication.

Individuals can also have an opportunity to let the thinkPVC think for your modern and latest home-décor and let them create your dream décor true. Moreover, the company’s primary focus is the audience like Architects, Builders, Contractors, and Interior designers.

PVC Products

There are various products that can be manufactured through PVC which we have already highlighted above but the use of those products is as follows:

PVC Foamboards

Foamboards are a strong and lightweight material that consists of an inner layer of polystyrene clad with an outer white clay-coated paper. PVC Foamboard is a strong material because it is robust for outdoor use, it also protects from rain and sunlight.

PVC Foamboard can be used to make the PVC cabinets, the PVC kitchen along with the vanity, tables, bathrooms, wardrobe, closet, home furniture, office furniture, and home interiors all can be made through PVC Foamboard. thinkPVC can help you to get the perfect PVC foamboard; for that check out:

PVC Flooring

Flooring is the center of attraction for any building, room, or even bathroom. PVC flooring is considered to the attractive yet more durable and easy to clean and maintain flooring. This has the quality of resistance to water and other moistures as compared to other different types of flooring. However, with excessively heavy loads and sharp objects, this floor can be damaged.

For most modern, luxury, and stylish flooring PVC floor tiles are used; however, other PVC flooring sheets, PVC carpet flooring, PVC wood and wooden flooring along with flooring planks PVC laminate flooring waterproof PVC flooring all are used commonly now. thinkPVC is currently offering all the latest PVC flooring designs on

PVC Wall Panels

PVC wall panels have a unique quality of waterproof material. PVC panels are now commonly used in Pakistan also. However, if you want to know the PVC panel price then thinkPVC would let you decorate your home under your budget. For new designs, you can visit:

The waterproof PVC panel sheets have different designs and one can choose according to their choice. Most of the individuals focused to have a perfect and smooth PVC wall panel for the bedroom as it gives a fresh vibe to stay in the room with positivity. Other PVC wall panels also include the PVC marble wall panel, PVC ceiling panel, PVC kitchen wall panel, and PVC wooden wall panel, etc.

PVC Windows

Windows have the most refreshing touch when it’s decorated well as it allows you to have an outside view from your room. The actual purpose of windows is that we all know, the cross ventilation. For having a beautiful window, one can use PVC windows.

PVC window or uPVC sliding window is currently installed in the modern and latest homes or offices or the ones that are recently renovated. think VC can also help you to have the best uPVC windows in different colors also. PVC glass windows are also trending that gives a stylish touch to the overall décor of the room, you can check on:

PVC Garden Furniture

The joyful garden makes a person joyful; however, when it comes to selecting the garden furniture, it usually becomes a tough choice because of the weather that can affect the furniture. But now, PVC garden furniture is considered to be the most reliable one because of its long durability and easy maintenance.

The round PVC table patio looks very sophisticated in the garden area where it does not occupy much space of your garden and works perfectly. The PVC chairs, PVC garden chair or PVC pipe lawn chaise all enhances the beauty of the garden, check on

However, if you want to have PVC furniture products for your home or any place, you can visit: it can also help you to get the best ideas for PVC porch furniture.

For the overall product gallery of thinkPVC, you can visit:

Other Details


Outlet Location: 41C Lane 11, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.


The word with Fahd Khawaja, the COO of Engro Polymer & Chemical has highlighted the insights of PVC and its latest PVC Applications, Visit:

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