Monday, September 25, 2023

This Airline Offers UAE to Pakistan Travel for Less than Rs. 50,000

A private airline in Pakistan has announced that it offers the most affordable fares for people traveling from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. AirSial, the airline, has put forward an offer allowing travelers to go from the Saudi city of Jeddah to different Pakistani cities such as Islamabad, Multan, Lahore, and Sialkot at very low costs.

As per the information provided on the airline’s website, the price for a one-way trip from Saudi Arabia to Islamabad is approximately Rs. 48,000 (609 dirham)

This offer is likely to attract many individuals who travel to Saudi Arabia for work or religious reasons and then seek economical options to return to Pakistan.

Recently, AirSial extended its services, initiating direct flights from Saudi Arabia’s Dammam city to Islamabad and Lahore.

This development of direct flights is good news for Pakistanis, as many of them travel to Saudi Arabia, which hosts millions of pilgrims every year.

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