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8 Shocking Facts About Yajooj Majooj (Gog Magog)

Yajooj Majooj, also known as Gog and Magog, are evil creatures prophesied to spread destruction on earth as mentioned in the Quran and hadith. Though their existence remains a mystery, Islamic eschatology predicts their return before Judgement Day. Here are 8 terrifying facts about them.

1. Who are Yajooj and Majooj?

According to Islamic belief, Yajooj and Majooj are tribes trapped behind a barrier by Zulqarnain. They are human-like creatures of unusually small stature.

2. King Zulqurnain came to help people

King Zulqarnain was a righteous ruler who travelled across the world helping oppressed people. On his journey, he met people who sought help against Yajooj Majooj’s attacks.

3. A wall trapped Gog and Magog

To protect the people, Zulqarnain had a strong metal wall built across a narrow pass with the help of Al Khidr. This wall imprisoned Gog Magog.

4. Yajooj Majooj will break the wall and return

According to prophecy, Yajooj Majooj will escape by digging through the wall before the Judgement Day, spreading destruction globally.

5. What will Yajuj and Majuj do?

They will drink all water reserves, destroy agriculture, livestock and spread disease. Their acts will result in a major global crisis.

6. Will Yajooj and Majooj kill everyone?

While they will wreak havoc globally, the prophecy does not indicate they will kill the entire human population before being defeated.

7. Who will kill Gog and Magog?

Prophet Isa (Jesus) will return to earth and pray for their destruction. Allah will send worms that will wipe them out.

8. Possible Locations of Yajooj Majooj Wall

Though the wall’s location is unclear, some scholars propose it could be near the Caucasus region, the mountainous territory between the Black and Caspian Seas.

The return of Yajooj and Majooj will be among the major signs of Judgement Day. Their foretold destruction highlights the importance of faith in preparation for the afterlife according to Islamic belief. While their story remains clouded in mystery, it continues to captivate Islamic eschatology.

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