Tuesday, November 28, 2023

This Company Innovates the Plane Seating Structure! Six Passengers In Space on Three

Alejandro Nez Vicente, a 23-year-old designer of airline seats, thinks double-level sitting would dominate air travel in the future.

Nez Vicente’s idea went viral last year, sparking raging debate and a flood of responses from prospective passengers. others were upset, others were perplexed, some were intrigued, and some were all of the above.The Chaise Longue Aeroplane Seat prototype by Nez Vicente is available online.

“People can talk and they always hate innovation in some ways,” he mentioned. “Most of the times when they show you something new, everyone hates it at first, they’re scared of change. But the more you show it, and the more you develop it, and the more they see it, the more they get used to it.”

“Many airlines and many big players of the industry are trying to push us to put more passengers into the aircraft,“ he said. “It’s not our main priority and our main goal, but with this kind of design it’s also possible.”

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