Monday, October 2, 2023

This Ex-Hindu Elderly Man from India Converted 108,000 People to Islam Since 1989

Deen Muhammad, a former Hindu who converted to Islam in 1989, discovered through reading the Qur’an that the idols he once believed in were meaningless. His persuasive abilities have led him to guide 108,000 individuals towards Islam since his own conversion.

Currently serving as the president of Jami’ah Masjid Allah Wali and Madrassa ‘A’ishah T’aleem-ul Qur’an, an institute dedicated to introducing Islam, Deen Muhammad’s passion for spreading the faith is evident. His ultimate wish is for the entire world to embrace Islam. Initially, he had to study the Qur’an in secret due to the risk of being misunderstood by Muslims. Despite facing obstacles, he continued his pursuit of knowledge and received guidance from a teacher.

Deen Muhammad’s mission to call others to Islam began with his own family and expanded to others, aided by the support of influential Muslims. He empathizes with the challenges faced by new converts and provides support during their initial days. Deen Muhammad’s fame has grown, attracting people from various religions and regions who are interested in accepting Islam. He maintains detailed records of each new Muslim and remains dedicated to his mission of guiding more individuals towards Islam.

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