Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This student from NUST is among the first ones to become a NVIDIA Certified Jetson AI Specialist

Muhammad Uzair Khattak, SIGMA’s research assistant and TUKL Deep Learning Lab in SEECS, NUST, is officially one of Pakistan’s first NVIDIA Accredited Jetson AI Specialists.

In artificial intelligence, the past decade has been characterized quite a bit by tremendous leaps and limits. As the amount of data available has increased and we have access to more computing resources than ever before, opportunities have also increased in tandem for learning and improving AI skills. With its free Jetson AI Certification Program that was introduced during last month’s GPU Technology Conference, one of the more recent such opportunities come from NVIDIA.

In order to enable educators, students, and engineers to acquire significant AI skills, NVIDIA launched two AI certification tracks as part of its Deep Learning Institute. These include Jetson AI Specialist, which can be completed by people able to demonstrate Jetson and AI concept mastery using hands-on, project-based evaluation, and Jetson AI Ambassador, which is primarily for educators and leaders at robotics institutions and includes project-based evaluation and an interview with the robotics institution.

Based on his proven expertise in AI skills, as well as functional and performance validation of his project, Uzair is part of Jetson AI Specialist’s first batch from around the world. He and the other accredited individuals from various parts of the globe were featured on NVIDIA’s blog.

This is what he said about the experience:

“The qualification boosts my technical profile and I can now more confidently offer workshops and teach AI/DL technologies to my fellows. When it comes to tight budgets, the Jetson Nano 2GB is the ideal choice and the need for good computing tools and the active Jetson group projects page and technical support make it unique and easier to use.”

We would like to congratulate Uzair Khattak on this incredible success, which has undoubtedly helped to inspire so many others in the world of AI who are excited about reaching new heights.

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