Monday, March 4, 2024

This Ultra-Efficient Bike Has No Chains and No Derailleurs

CeramicSpeed revealed a chain and derailleur-free bicycle prototype at the 2018 Eurobike trade show, immediately became the center of attention and won the prestigious Eurobike Award. The novel prototype surpassed 365 entries.

Partnering with the University of Colorado’s Mechanical Engineering Department, the team behind the innovative bike aimed to build the most efficient drivetrain. They developed a drive shaft ‘Driven’ concept which uses 21 CeramicSpeed bearings.

The 21 bearings shift the torque produced from the front ring via the drive shaft to 13-speed rear cog. Driven operates through a pinon-styled driveshaft system delivering efficient and smooth bike ride. According to the company, the new bike produces 49% less friction as compared to the traditional derailleur drivetrain bikes. This breakthrough was achieved by removing the 8 points where sliding friction is generated.

The new prototype also consists of a carbon driveshaft instead of a metal one, providing a 2D aerodynamic profile minimizing drag and enabling lower weight. The bikes are not available yet but hoped to be available soon for bike lovers.

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