Tuesday, March 5, 2024

This Airline Is Offering Free Wi-Fi Access to All Including Economy Class Passengers

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has removed the class-distinction and is offering an inclusive inflight experience by providing free Wi-Fi to all, including Economy class travelers. To avail the offer, the passengers must sign up to KrisFlyer onboard or online before the flight. The subscription is free of cost.

The offer will be implemented from 1st July, so if you are travelling with SIA before July in economy class you can have access to Wi-Fi for limited durations.

SIA ensures a reliable internet connection; however, the speed may vary depending upon the connected users, streaming activities, weather situation, territorial regulations, and satellite coverage. The facility will enable the passengers to check their important emails, messages, or calls and stay connected to their loved ones during the flight. You can also work during the flight or attend online meetings.

Moreover, the facility also allows passengers to book their hotels or make restaurant reservations, plan an upcoming trip, arrange transportation, or simply watch movies during the long hours of flight.

The Wi-Fi facility is not available on SIA Boeing 737 – 800 NG airplanes. Travel with Singapore Airlines to have an amazing travelling experience and grasp the glimpse of the most beautiful Singapore Airport.

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