Sunday, July 14, 2024

Tickets Sold Out for Pakistan vs India Clash at Edgbaston in World Championship of Legends

The World Championship of Legends 2024 match between Pakistan and India at Edgbaston Stadium is a huge event, and all 23,000 seats have been sold out.

The tournament, which is taking place from July 4 to 18, has created a massive buzz in Birmingham. Cricket fever is at its highest, and everyone is excited about the games.

Both the Pakistan and India teams have not lost a match yet, making this upcoming game even more thrilling. The anticipation for this epic clash is growing every day.

Pakistani captain Younis Khan and Indian star player Suresh Raina have both shared their excitement and honor about playing against their long-time rivals. They know how important this match is, not just for them but for their countries as well.

The teams have been preparing intensively, and national pride is on the line. Fans can expect a fantastic and thrilling encounter between these two cricket giants.

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