Sunday, May 19, 2024

TikTok Launches Strict Conditions for Video-Sharing

New and strict video sharing conditions have been implemented by TikTok, which is the famous video sharing platform.

According to the Chinese app, to avoid the spread of misinformation on this platform, TikTok app will now flag unverified videos.

Under this new condition, a latest feature will appear on the video creator’s screen, especially if it is not checked while the video is being reviewed. It will display a warning label just like Facebook, if this video is posted.

Similarly, popups that prevent uploading will also appear in case of any unverified and invalid videos. Even though it is written, people will be able to see this warning. Details of the alert will be immediately sent to the user.

Today, in the US and Canada, these new changes have begun, but hopefully the entire world will be able to see them.

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