Monday, April 15, 2024

Xiaomi’s New Concept Phone Has a Waterfall Display on All Four Edges

An undeniably brilliant sight is Xiaomi’s new concept smartphone, epitomizing minimalism. The unnamed phone’s screen, known as a “quad-curved waterfall display,” not only features deep 88-degree “waterfall” curves on the left and right sides, but also on the top and bottom, leaving no space for ports or buttons.

As per Xiaomi, extending the limits of the display to infinity and making a true, port-free unibody design is the concept display.

Moreover, the display is the outcome of innumerable breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology, and it represents the sum of 46 groundbreaking patents.

According to Xiaomi, this phone does exist and it is also used by its employees. Therefore, we can anticipate that the smartphone will arrive in global markets, soon.

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