Tuesday, April 23, 2024

TikTok privatizes all accounts under -16s’

TikTok users under the age of 16 can automatically have their accounts programmed for private use, as the app implements a range of steps to enhance child protection.

Only approved followers will be able to comment on videos from these accounts.

Users will also be restricted from uploading any videos created by under-16s.

TikTok said it hoped the changes will enable young users to “actively participate in their journey of online privacy.”

To secure its younger users, TikTok already has several settings in place, including:

  • Limiting over-16s to direct messaging and live streams
  • Limiting the purchase, sale and receipt of “virtual presents” to adults
  • Giving parents and caregivers to have greater influence, allowing them ultimate power through linked accounts

Previously, TikTok limited direct messaging and hosting live streams to accounts 16 and over and ordering, sending, and receiving virtual gifts to users 18 and over. TikTok also allowed parents and caregivers to set guardrails via Family Pairing features in a previous update on their teen’s TikTok experience.

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