Tuesday, April 23, 2024

UN instructs its workforce to avoid travelling on Pakistan-registered airlines

Because of ongoing inquiries into alleged questionable pilot licenses, the United Nations has asked its entire workforce to avoid travelling on Pakistan-registered airlines.

A UN Security Management System advisory said, “Due to an ongoing investigation by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan… due to dubious license caution, the use of Pakistan-registered air operators is advised.”

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Air Eagle, Air Indus, Air Blue, Aircraft Sales and Services, Askari Aviation, Hawk Adventure Air, Hybrid Aviation, IAMC Airline, Meezab Aviation, Rayyan Air, Serene Air, Star Air Aviation and Vision Air International are among the airlines referred to in the advisory.

All UN organizations, including the United Nations Development Program, WHO, UN High Commission for Refugees, Food and Agriculture Organization, UN Education, Science and Cultural Organization and others, have been recommended for advisory purposes.

Federal Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan had previously alleged that hundreds of Pakistani pilots had questionable licenses. 262 of the pilots had fake flying licenses, Sarwar reported.

The PIA came under strict scrutiny by international authorities, following comments by the Aviation Minister, and was barred from traveling to the European Union.

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