Monday, April 15, 2024

TikToker Hareem Shah Joined UK Politics & Plans to Become Member of UK Parliament

Popular social media star Hareem Shah has announced that she has joined politics in the UK and aims to become a member of the British Parliament in the future.

Hareem revealed that she has joined a major UK political party after being invited by one of its leaders. She didn’t say which party it is but mentioned that it’s one of the three main parties in the UK: Labour, Tories, or Liberal Democrats.

She said, “A leader from one of these parties asked me to join. I plan to run for elections and become a member of the UK parliament. You will see me in the UK Parliament. They wanted to include a young and popular influencer like me. I’m well-known and I’m among the most searched people on Google.”

“I feel fortunate to have been approached like this. I will win elections in a fair way and speak up for Pakistan. I’m already working for human rights.”

Recently, Hareem received protection from Scotland Yard after getting threats. She had filed a complaint with the police, claiming that some people were trying to blackmail, chase, and threaten her.

The controversy began when some British Pakistanis told Pakistani media that Hareem had stolen £6000 from them in a robbery in Manchester and had moved to London.

Hareem denies taking any money and said those making the accusations should go to the police and get her investigated instead of spreading rumors about her and threatening her.

After Hareem’s complaint, both the local police from Slough and the UK government’s Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) started investigating the case.

The police told Geo News that Hareem was advised to move from her known address near London to a new one arranged by the police to keep her safe from the people who, according to her, were looking for her.

Hareem left Pakistan over a year ago and has not returned since. She says she now lives permanently in London.

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