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Timeless Japanese Artistry at Fujiyama’s Glittering Media Night

A special tasting event was held last night at Fujiyama, Pakistan’s first Japanese restaurant located at the Avari Towers Hotel which was introduced by the late Mr. Byram D. Avari in January 1987, laying the foundation of Fujiyama’s journey of evolution and excellence. The city’s landmark eatery reopened its doors to fans of Japanese cuisine on the first day of Eid-ul-Fitr after extensive renovations.

Avari’s two flagship restaurants Fujiyama and Dynasty were closed during the covid lockdown, when Dynasty was revamped. On opening its revival it surpassed all expectations. Similarly, Avari has emphatically announced its return with the new Fujiyama, better than ever before, poised to exceed its own well acknowledged dining experience.

The vision and dedication of Mr. Byram D. Avari lie at the heart of Fujiyama with his insistence on uniqueness. “The revamped restaurant embodies his vision of bright and happy decor, with meticulous attention to detail. It’s a tribute to our working relationship, honouring tradition while embracing creativity using natural stone, marble, and real rosewood with each element contrasting harmoniously with the other,” stated Tariq Alexander Qaiser, the architect behind the new look of Fujiyama.

Japanese Consul General, Mr. Masaru Hattori, inaugurated the renovated restaurant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official reopening of the establishment.

The special tasting event was a celebration of dining excellence and innovation. On entering the restaurant, one is immediately awed by the transformed ambiance and subsequently led on a gastronomic journey of authentic Japanese flavours, the magic of which was experienced by this correspondent first-hand.

A carefully designed menu was served with extensive starters of miso soup, prawn tempura, gyoza, yakitori, tuna sashimi salad, and assorted sushi and maki. The mains were a choice of chicken or beef teppanyaki served with garlic rice, capping it off with dessert of tempura ice cream, fresh fruits, and Japanese green tea.

“Fujiyama is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey that celebrates the rich flavours and traditions of Japanese cuisine. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every dish tells a story of authenticity and passion which I am honoured to share with our guests while pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation,” exulted Carlito Magno, Fujiyama’s head chef. He has previously worked at Benihana International and Zuma in Dubai, among other award-winning Japanese restaurants.

The event was attended by Japanese diplomats, prominent culinary aficionados, and several notable names from the media and entertainment fraternity including actor Adeel Hussain, singer and comedian Ali Gul Pir, fashion designer Amir Adnan, actors Ali Safina, Azfar Rehman, actress Hira Tareen, designer Huma Adnan, model Javeria Ali, Nabeel Zuberi, singer Nabila Bano, producer Nina Kashif, actress Samina Peerzada, singer and activist Shehzad Roy, fashion stylist Tabesh Khoja, fashion photographer Tapu Javeri, television actor Usman Peerzada, and actress Zara Tareen.

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