Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tree Planting Project Around National Highway-5 (N-5) Finalized

Yunnan China’s province sponsored a tree planting project near National Highway-5 (N-5), known as “Go Green Pakistan, Yunnan Chapter, Page 1.”

5000 high temperature and drought-tolerence trees saplings are now standing around N-5 in southern Sindh.

Due to Pakistan rapidly facing the challenges related to Climate Change, China’s Yunnan, a region renowned for its efforts to restore forests and reduce pollution, moved forward and made the donation via the Yunnan People’s Association in the name of Friendship with Foreign Countries and the China Yunnan Sunny Road and Bridge Corporation, which is working on several infrastructure projects in Pakistan.

The project was held out in Southern Sindh as it was one of the most hit areas of extreme weather, with central separator and the interchange area of N-5.

The objective of project is to increase green covered area, ease water soil losses and to increase the awareness among the local residents of environmental protection.

Moreover, for a year the Chinese side will care for the saplings to ensure their survival and maximize the project’s impact.

The project has received high appreciation from Pakistan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and the National Highway Authority (NHA).

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