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Tripod Price in Pakistan 2023 – Best Tripods for Mobiles and Cameras

A tripod is a device that holds a camera or video camera steady while it is being used. Tripods are vital photography and videography tools because they make long exposure photos simpler. This article is about tripod prices in Pakistan, as they vary in price based on the material and the manufacturer.

Furthermore, every tripod comprises a few key components, including three legs, a mounting head, and a lever for adjusting the tripod’s height. Other tripods may have a function for rotating or twisting the camera or phone once it has been installed.

Though a decent quality tripod is typically composed of plastic or metal, such as aluminum, you may also get carbon fiber, steel, or even wood variants.

Tripods Categories

Following are the three categories of tripods available in Pakistan:

Mobile Tripods

People who take selfies have developed a selfie addiction. We recommend that they purchase the best mobile tripods because they enjoy taking images. In Pakistan, the price of a mobile tripod is affordable compared to that of other high-quality tripods.

Camera Tripods

To get the most of a high-resolution camera, you’ll need additional accessories. A camera tripod is a photography gear that raises and stabilizes a camera at a specific height. Stability can dramatically improve image quality in a short amount of time.

DSLR Tripods

Because of the weight and size of these cameras, professional photographers require tripod stands. They carry their cameras on them to handle and use them optimally.

Best Tripods in Pakistan

Tourism Tripod Q555 Aluminium Monopod with Ball Head


  • It is a highly portable aluminum monopod with a ball head 
  • Tourism tripod ensures individual leg adjustment and delivers variable damping effects.
  • It is highly portable.
  • The highest height of this stand is 1410mm, while the minimum height is 350mm, allowing you to adapt according to your needs and demands.
  • For angle adjustment, it also comes with the black pull-out button.
Tourism Tripod Q555 Aluminium Monopod with Ball Head price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan

The tourism tripod Q55 is available at a very cheap price. This mobile tripod price in Pakistan is PKR 9,000.

Gorilla DSLR Professional Tripod 


  • It is incredibly lightweight and tiny in size, holding the camera on its rubber-coated plate and providing you with high-quality images.
  • It may protect your camera from scratches and prevent it from slipping.
  • The legs of this tripod are flexible-joint, so you can adjust them to fit your needs.
  • It may be used with both smartphones and professional cameras.
  • This tripod comes in two colors: black and white.
  • It can hold a device weighing up to 2 kg.
Gorilla DSLR Professional Tripod

Price in Pakistan

The Gorilla Tripod Price in Pakistan is very economical to customers. It is available for PKR 2,500 in the market.

Silicon Professional 7860 Tripod


  • It is a professional tripod for DSLR and video camera
  • It is made of high-quality aluminum 5 feet in height
  • This tripod provides excellent grip on the ground
  • It comes with a maximum height of 1510mm and a minimum height of 625mm.
  • It possesses a loading capacity of 5 kg
  • Available in black color in the market
Silicon Professional 7860 Tripod price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan

The camera tripod price in Pakistan is PKR 4,500, which is worth the money.

Yunteng 5208 with Bluetooth & Professional Mobile Holder


  • It’s a tripod with a Bluetooth remote shutter control for smartphones, DSLRs, and sports cameras.
  • This is a one-of-a-kind tripod that can be used for any form of photography, including mobile photography.
  • It’s composed of high-quality aluminum that’s been combined with plastic.
  • A 3-way pan head, a three-dimensional head that can move in 360 degrees, is included.
Yunteng 5208 with Bluetooth & Professional Mobile Holder

Price in Pakistan

The DSLR tripod comes at quite a reasonable price. It is present in PKR 3,000 only.

Weifeng WT-330A Alumium Tripod Stand for Camera


  • It’s a great camera companion for outside shooting because of it’s lightweight.
  • It provides optimum stability during professional photography to prevent camera shake and provide the greatest shooting effect.
  • It’s made of aluminum, so it’ll last a long time.
  • It stands at a maximum of 1345mm and a minimum of 470mm in height.
  • This camera’s replaceable quick-install panel is simple to install.
  • Its legs are extremely flexible, allowing for easy positioning even on uneven or rocky surfaces.
Weifeng WT-330A Alumium Tripod Stand for Camera price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan

It belongs to the budget-friendly class of tripods. The price of the Weifeng tripod stand is PKR 1,450.

Panono Tripod


  • It’s made to hold and support the 360 16k camera.
  • Its five-section legs and two-section fast center column open to a maximum height of 67.3 inches using twist locks.
  • It’s built out of aluminum.
  • The 2.3-pound tripod also has a USB plug for charging your 360 16k while it’s in use.
  • By collapsing the legs and column, the tripod shrinks to 13.8 inches in length “so that you can proceed to your next destination.
  • It also comes with a five-year warranty.
Panono Tripod price in Pakistan

Price in Pakistan

It is available for PKR 61,499 in Pakistan. Though Panono Tripod is the most expensive tripod on our list, it offers all of the best features a tripod have

Tripod Price in Pakistan

Following is the price of the best models of tripod stand available in Pakistan:

  Best Tripod Models Price in Pakistan
Tourism Tripod Q555 Aluminium Monopod with Ball Head  PKR 9,000
Gorilla DSLR Professional Tripod  PKR 2,500
Silicon Professional 7860 Tripod  PKR 4,500
Yunteng 5208 With Bluetooth & Professional Mobile Holder  PKR 3,000
Weifeng WT-330A Alumium Tripod Stand for Camera  PKR 1,450
Panono Tripod  PKR 61,499


To summarize, it is all about Tripod’s price in Pakistan. All the models, as mentioned earlier, are of high quality and are available at a reasonable price in Pakistan.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best tripod models in Pakistan, you should buy from reputed brands in Pakistan.

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