Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Turkish company suspending the operation of metro bus due to strike by drivers

The deal with Punjab Masstransit Agency (PMA) was completed with the Tourism Platform of the Albayrak Group, but took an ugly turn due to the strike by the drivers of Metro Buses in Lahore.

In the absence of drivers, the Turizm Platform, the Turkish contractor, refused to continue its operation.

As the new operator takes over the metro bus operation on September 8th, the firm has informed the agency not to hire drivers for a week.

In addition, the 9-year journey with the Lahori people has been a source of delight and pride despite some uncertain conditions as a result of a drivers’ strike in the previous days.

It emphasized that the company continued its operations at difficult times during the pandemic and ensured the safety of traffic controllers and employees by careful implementation by the authorities of Coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“The fact that a huge number of Pakistanis are interested in cooperating with the Albayrak Group is an amazing source of pride for us.” We established economic chances for them and, in exchange, they did their utmost to guarantee the quality of the Lahori subway bus service. ”

“At that time, transport facilities were successfully provided to the networked people of Lahore. We have worked as pioneers in Lahore to establish mass transit services to ensure the best possible service and international standards. On a daily basis, we provide 150,000 passengers in Lahore with state-of-the-art travel facilities”.

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