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Twitter worldwide launches disappearing ‘fleets’

Twitter is globally launching disappearing fleets as the tweets that will disappear after 24 hours, and similarly to the stories feature that is much known on other social media accounts like popular on Snapchat and Facebook’s photo-sharing and app Instagram stories.

Previously, Twitter had announced its plan for the ephemeral tweets, like dubbed “fleets”, and also tested the feature in some countries like India, Italy, South Korea and Brazil.

The Design Director, Joshua Harris and Product Manager, Sam Haveson, stated in a blog post about pressure to rack up likes and retweets. Five top cloud storage services for the photos were also mentioned because they disappear from view just after a day. Fleets helped the people to feel more comfortable while sharing personal and casual thoughts, pictures, opinions, emotions and feelings.

Whereas, some Twitter users are experimenting with the tool that said it had created worrying more opportunities for online harassment, like the options of allowing unwanted direct messages of unknown strangers. It also allows the fleet authors to tag the specific people who have blocked them at any time.

Twitter said it was working on the fixes for safety concerns about blocking issues and listening to the feedback. Fleets that include text, videos, and photos will be available right at the top of the users’ home timelines of Twitter and also on the sender’s profile clearly.

Kelley said about the warnings like labels that Twitter has started applying to the content that has manipulated media or misinformation about any civic processes or regarding Covid-19, could also be applied to fleets.

From the popular Muslims apps, the US military is buying the location data; however, Twitter also confirmed that it was working on the live audio feature, and dubbed Spaces that it just aims to test later in this year 2020.

The feature will also allow users to talk in public or in group conversations. It has more similarities with Clubhouse and a social platform in which the users are invited to talk via voice chat rooms through audio. The company earlier this year had launched a feature for all users to tweet the recorded voice notes also.

Mehjabeen Qasim
Mehjabeen Qasim
Business Journalist at Startup Pakistan

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